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Radio Occupy Santa Barbara is a weekly public affairs radio program produced at KCSB-FM. We can be heard Thursday evenings from 7 to 7:30 p.m. Addressing the issues of the Occupy Wall Street Movement, our program focuses on such concerns as wealth & income inequality, pervasive corporatism and social injustice. To date we have examined a diverse array of topics including the Santa Barbara Gang Injunction, Fukushima, Anti-war protests, Monsanto GMOs, fraudulent foreclosures, fracking, the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and the crisis of neoliberal capitalism.

Hosted by a closed Occupy Affinity Group, we are Kat Swift, William York Hyde, Dr. Matt, Michael Shanti & The Brigadier and we are independent media activists offering an alternative voice to the distorted, corporate-controlled, mainstream media. We adhere to the principles of a free and independent broadcast journalism and the maintenance of an informed citizenry empowered by radical participatory democracy. We encourage citizen journalists everywhere to actively re-occupy our disappearing 4th Estate.

Please join us in discussing the important topics of our day and help us make Radio Occupy Santa Barbara the people’s mic for all activists, artists, collectives, co-ops and non-profit organizations in Santa Barbara and nationwide. Everyone is welcome.



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